Travel Insurance
You Did Not Know

Do you know what your travel insurance covers you for?

Chances are you know it covers medical care, cancellation of your trip, computers, smart phones and stolen cash and you probably know

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  • Planning Group Travel

    Planning any group travel can be a real headache.

    So why not let us ease the burden by making selecting and managing your travel insurance Easy? 

    Whether you are planning a bus

    November 28, 2017
  • Credit Card Travel Insurance

    The question on eveyones' lips...Do I need to buy travel insurance as my credit card offers free cover?

    Of course we are not in a position to answer this question for you because in the fir

    July 25, 2017
Travellers Testimonials
  • Senior Jet Setters

    While Christmas and New Year celebrations start a little later in the year for some of us, thoughts of travelling to Australia for a Christmas in the sun may already be foremost in the minds of rel

  • Passport Emergency

    Could your travel plans be thrown into turmoil with a passport emergency on an otherwise routine trip?

    Pamela is a bright, outgoing Chilean student, working and studying in Australia at the