Emergency Assistance

For worldwide assistance use the toll free numbers listed .

Where ever you may be, help is at hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With the worldwide reach of QBE Assist you have a proven team of Australian based medical and emergency assistance specialists.

QBE Assist has been providing assistance to travellers in need since 1992. QBE Assist is a team of trained medical and insurance specialists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with full authority to act in the event of a situation arising, thereby empowering them to act quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency:

  • assessing and monitoring your condition after an accident or illness;

  • providing medical repatriation, if required;

  • making payment of hospital and medical bills;

  • assistance with rescheduling of travel arrangements, replacement of lost passports or travel documents;

  • provide advice and contact details for airlines or the local embassy in the event of lost tickets, passports or travel documents provide contact details for bank/credit card provider to assist with arrangements for emergency transfer of funds;

  • in case of an emergency, providing a message service for travellers so they can keep in touch with their family, employer or travel agent back home.

QBE Assist

Providing assistance is not in itself an admission of liability for your claim and where relevant all services are subject to a claim being accepted under the policy.

In the event of an accident, illness or emergency mishap during your trip, please contact our medical and emergency assistance team, QBE Assist.


If you're overseas telephone:







0800 291 702



00531 616 441



0800 891 8401



1800 800 428



1800 665 3870



08000 226 742


China North

10800 611 0133


New Zealand

0800 441 678


China South

10800 361 0151



1800 1611 0045



00800 2149



800 6161 051



0800 90 5097


South Africa

0800 99 3514



0800 181 7694



900 996 167



008 006 112 6195



0200 214 612


Hong Kong

800 933 877



0800 838 533



000 800 610 1119



001 800 611 2885



001 803 61683



00 800 6190 3627



1800 552 636


United Kingdom

0800 899 813



1809 456 589


United States

1800 765 8631



800 875 100



+61 3 8523 2815





International access code

then dial +61 3 8523 2815


If you're in Australia telephone:

QBE Assist

1300 555 019 or 03 8523 2800


Customer Service

1300 555 017 or 03 8523 2777



1300 555 017 or 03 8523 2777


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Credit Card Travel Insurance

The question on eveyones' lips...Do I need to buy travel insurance as my credit card offers free cover?

Of course we are not in a position to answer this question for you because in the first instance we do not know your personal situation and in the second instance we do not know whether any credit card travel insurance you may have access to will meet your individu

Terms, conditions and acceptance criteria apply. Cover limits apply as set out in the policy wording. This material contains general information only and may not suit your particular circumstances. Before deciding to acquire any insurance product, you should obtain and consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement to decide if a policy is right for you. Insurance issued by QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd ABN 78 003 191 035 AFS Licence 239545. eReliance Pty Ltd trading as Easy Travel Insurance, ABN 48 147 939 277 is an Authorised Distributor 0012131 of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited

*Qantas Frequent Flyer members can earn 1 Qantas Frequent Flyer point per $2 spent on eligible QBE Travel insurance products. (Terms and conditions apply)