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Credit Card Travel Insurance

12 June, 2017

The question on eveyones' lips...Do I need to buy travel insurance as my credit card offers free cover?

Of course we are not in a position to answer this question for you because in the first instance we do not know your personal situation and in the second instance we do not know whether any credit card travel insurance you may have access to will meet your individual needs. Only you can answer this question.

However, to make

  • More than just Assistance
    21 March, 2017

    Did you know QBE Assist is available to all policy holders 365 days a year for everything from the smallest enquiry to the biggest emergency?
    Call anytime free of charge from landlines anywhere in the world, 24/7.
    Get policy information,

  • Everyday Explorer
    14 February, 2017

    Try our everyday explorer country chooser to help you pick your next getaway destination. 


  • Currency DNA
    30 November, -0001

    Attention globetrotters!

    As you trek around foreign destinations and get to grips with currencies both familiar or sometimes a little less familiar, do you ever wonder where your humble Buck, Quid, Smacker or Dead President comes from? Rea

  • Travel Services Explained
    8 April, 2016

    Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

    Many pre-existing medical conditions are automatically covered, free of charge, and through a simple, online, obligation free process, cover can usually be provided for many others. 

  • Get Lost With Confidence
    20 January, 2016

    Since time and immemorial getting lost has been our obsession... now with technology watching over us, what chance do we have to get off the grid and really lose our way?

    The humble maze, a pastime of our recent ancestors from the Middle A

  • For The Ones You Leave At Home
    8 December, 2015

    Look a little harder at your travel insurance and be sure there is cover for more than just a stolen camera or lost luggage. 

    Last year the Australian Government provided consular assistance for nearly 16,000 Australians around the wo

  • Health and Safety for Travellers
    10 October, 2015

    Health and Safety Awareness is Commonplace in the home, workplace, school and also when we get into our leisure activities...but... 

    And I think we are all guilty of this to a degree, as soon as we leave home for stranger shores wheth

  • Bare Essential Travel Tips
    8 July, 2015

    There is a list of tips, tricks and hacks for every eventuality when travelling, but what if you really want just the bare essentials to help you make the right decisions so you don’t put yourself in harm’s way or fall foul to the pitf

  • Call of Nature
    22 May, 2015

    36% of Australians fear dodgy toilets overseas.

    And 61% of Australians travelling overseas who were surveyed by Galaxy Research expressed a greater fear of contracting Bali Belly and all its regional equivalents than the threat of terro

  • Back To School
    27 February, 2015

    Planning a school trip in 2015?

    Try our new Easy online calculator to get an instant, obligation free quote for Toursafe School Groups International and Domestic travel insurance. Toursafe

  • 12 Days Of Christmas Travel
    13 December, 2014

    On the first day of Christmas travel I had an idea of where I wanted to spend my Christmas, and on reflection there were probably smarter places to choose. But if you want to do something special, something memorable and something seasonal, well t

  • Home Sweet Home
    2 December, 2014

    I love travelling but the best part about going coming back home!

    It is easy to see why people love to travel. The education, the exhilaration, the excitement and the enlightenment!

    If you are honest w

  • Polar Challenge Ride For Leukaemia
    11 August, 2014

    Easy Travel Insurance are proud to be the exclusive travel insurance suppliers and sponsors of the Outer Edge, Polar Challenge Ride For Leukaemia.

    Starting out in November 2014 the goals are clear:

  • Canal Boats
    27 June, 2014

    Thinking about a holiday on the English canals? Your questions answered by a lifelong boater

    Holidays on the canals are booming with good reason. You can enjoy the peace of the countryside, the sightseeing

  • Loose lips, Sink ships
    23 December, 2013

    If you are travelling for any reason, remember a few simple tips to help your home stay safe while you are away enjoying yourself.

    1) Don't post your travel movements on Facebook or other social media – Advertising to the world that

  • Travel Insurance for Smart Travellers
    5 December, 2013

    The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) have reported an 8.5% increase in the number of Australians needing overseas hospital care over the 2011-12 period; with Thailand emerging as the most dangerous destination for Aussies

  • Around the World in 80 Days and the Crazy Laws Along the Way
    2 October, 2013

    Phileas Fog and his newly appointed French assistant Jean Passepartou accept the challenge and prepare to set off the very next day, Wednesday 2nd October 1872 at 8.45pm from London’s Reform Club on their legendary circumnavigation of the gl


Senior Jet Setters

31 October, 2013

While Christmas and New Year celebrations start a little later in the year for some of us, thoughts of travelling to Australia for a Christmas in the sun may already be foremost in the minds of relatives with family and those with friends living there. 

Elderly relatives and those requiring help because of mobility or disability difficulties may need a little extra help in getting there, as I found out earlier this year while maki

  • Passport Emergency
    12 September, 2011

    Pamela is a bright, outgoing Chilean student, working and studying in Australia at the University of Queensland as a Doctorate Candidate of Bio Engineering. Through a combination of diligent hard work, unrivalled passions devoted to this field ove

Travel Updates

Crowded Skies

2 September, 2014

In light of recent tragic events in the civilian aviation industry here at Easy Travel Insurance we are increasingly being asked the inevitable question “Is air travel safe?”

Of course we could respond with the old cliché’ answers such as “You are more likely to get run over crossing the road or being involved in a collision while travelling in a car or on public transport” which can be true, and th

  • Schengen Convention
    4 October, 2013

    The Schengen Convention first signed near the Luxemburg town of Schengen in 1985 permits 'Borderless travel' in certain EU countries, allowing vehicles carrying EU citizens and other exempt travellers to cross borders without stopping. Certain oth

  • How to Void Your Travel Insurance.
    22 July, 2013

    It’s no surprise that many insurance companies won’t cover you for activities you freely undertake that put yourself at risk such as the Spanish tourism favourite, Running with the bulls – but did you know there are other ways yo

  • Flying Cats and Dogs
    4 April, 2013

    Flying Cats and Dogs

    Man’s best friend is often not man’s best travelling companion when airports are involved, as there are so many do’s & don’ts and ifs, buts and maybes, but it doesn’t need to be overly

  • Smart Locks for Travellers
    7 January, 2013

    When backpacking across multiple continents where protocols and languages may change at every border control, travelling internationally or domestically for business or to visit family and friends, especially if your trip takes you through the USA

  • Airtime
    11 July, 2012

    Assuming you had enough carry-on baggage allowance for the first commercially available 1kg brick back in 1983, it has been drummed into us that to fly with your mobile telephone switched on, or heaven forbid, to use it in-flight would send your p

  • Chart Topping Destinations
    3 March, 2012

    The jury is in, and the most popular World Wide destinations for outbound tourists from Australia in 2011 have been published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Not surprisingly the top of this list features "The Famous Five" for Australians

  • Australias #1 Destination of Choice
    2 March, 2012

    New Zealand

    So much more to offer than given credit for, New Zealand, has long been identified as one of the most popular destinations for travellers, but the appeal of these rugged islands is certainly not a new fad, with

  • Australias #2 Destination of Choice
    1 March, 2012


    When the waves of the Indian Ocean swept through Indonesian islands, villages and resorts, on Boxing Day 2004, perhaps the most destructive tsunami in history left more than 150,000 people dead or missing and mil

  • Australias #3 Destination of Choice
    29 February, 2012

    United States of America

    It’s true that the weak US dollar is a huge draw card for travellers, and is surely one of the most significant reasons for a surge in visitors to North America. With improved air services fr

  • Australias #4 Destination of Choice
    28 February, 2012


    Such an obvious Top 5 destination, Thailand has everything to offer travellers who are looking for unrivalled value for money. Being home to an infinitely interesting mix of architecture and cultural heritage that

  • Australias #5 Destination of Choice
    27 February, 2012

    United Kingdom

    England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales! The United Kingdom has long been a mecca for tourists, a source of migration to Australia, and a tonic for homesick ex-pats; streaming back and forth, following

  • Choose the Right Profile
    26 January, 2012

    Choose the Right Profile... Nowadays that’s settings on smart phones, mobiles, pcs and macs; but it’s still about real life too.  

    Before boarding a jet plane and speeding halfway round the globe, and back again for good m

  • Travel Scammers
    12 October, 2011

    We all like to think that we are the savviest of all travellers and the scams we hear about seem glaringly obvious. True, when you are sitting in the comfort of your own home it’s easy to believe that only a “Right Mug” would get

  • Cheap European Travel - Interrailing
    27 August, 2011

    Largely unadvertised and seldom discussed is the phenomenon of Interrailing – in the good ‘ole days it was a disgustingly cheap way to travel through Europe on a shoestring, allowing me and my mates (and some others!) an opportunity to

Travel Insurance

Money magazine winner

5 November, 2016

In the highly competitive world of travel insurance, Money magazine has announced that it has awarded the highly coveted 2016 Money magazine Annual Multi Trip Best 2016 Travel Insurance award to Queensland based online travel insurance specialists Easy Travel Insurance.

Read all about it... Money magazine award 2016

  • Upcycle Your Travel Habits
    24 August, 2016

    It's time to embrace technology for all things travel, including how you buy your Travel Insurance

    Don't get caught in the trap of buying from the travel agent, airline or booking site, when the real savi

  • Special Offer Coming Soon
    13 July, 2016

    Special Offer Coming Soon.

    Keep checking back here for an exciting offer for travellers who choose Easy Travel Insurance for peace of mind when travelling...

  • Toursafe Schools and The Polar Challenge
    23 February, 2016

    Increased trip cover limits now in force... 

    Protect your school trip for up to $2000 trip value per traveller, with cover for students and teachers up to 60 years of age, from just $29pp for up to 12 days travel anywhere within Austr

  • Travel Safe This Holiday Season
    22 December, 2015

    Travel Safe this Christmas Holiday... Whether you are just going to the corner shop or half way around the world, do your best to stay out of harms' way.

    But, if you need Help! - Policy holders can call QBE Assist, 24/7 - Find a list of fr

  • Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse
    5 August, 2015

    "Ignorance of the law excuses no man. Not that all men know the law, but because 'tis an excuse every man will plead, and no man can tell how to refute him." 

    Or as English jurist John Seldon was also famously quoted as saying in 1689

  • Jump the Queue
    9 June, 2015

    Forgotten something? Even if you find yourself about to board your flight, your ship, train or bus, it's not too late to secure travel insurance cover before you head off on your trip.

    At Easy Travel Insurance there are no queues and n

  • Crusin
    11 March, 2015

    Before you weigh anchor & head for the high seas ...

    Be sure that your travel insurance has the correct and most appropriate levels of cover.

    Consider this....if you are taken ill or have an accident while aboa

  • Breaking News
    26 October, 2014

    Great news! Easy Travel Insurance is now available in both New Zealand & Australia.
    Tell your family, friends and colleagues on both sides of the ditch!

    New Zealand Residents Call 0800 EASY Ti (0800 327 984) or go to

  • Toursafe School Groups
    7 March, 2014

    Don't chalk it up to experience if your school trip suffers a travel mishap....

    Now is the time to plan this year's local, interstate & overseas excursions, so before you take everyone out for a day trip, a few days away or for even lo

  • Massive New Year Travel Insurance Savings
    30 November, 2013

    Go to our Facebook page and like the Easy Travel Insurance and you will be sent a special link givin

  • Excess Slashed
    8 November, 2013

    QBE International Comprehensive rates reviewed & $200 Excess slashed to just $100 and Easy Travel Insurance customers reap the benefits!

    That's right...QBE and Easy Travel Insurance are now making it even more affordable to travel wit

  • The Importance of Travel Insurance
    29 October, 2013

    And so she said "When I am on my holidays I often travel to distant places with my family and my partner travels often for business purposes but we are not really aware of what travel insurance is, what it can do for us in our moment of need and w

  • Spring Cleaning for Travellers
    30 September, 2013

    Rummaging through the wardrobe looking for summer wear to replace the winter woollies on my clothes hangers I stumbled on my trusty suitcases. Like a set of Russian dolls with ever decreasing sized suitcases within I smiled at the tourist souvenir

  • Travel Like Bond
    9 September, 2013

    The name's Bond, James Bond.... 

    We all like to fantasise about the lifestyle this lucky individual leads, jetting between cities across all the points of the compass, at the drop of a hat.

    The reality is that most of us spend

  • Predicting the Future
    17 August, 2013

    If we could see into the future we wouldn't need travel insurance.

    Sadly many travellers fail to "Expect The Unexpected" and find out the hard way that having adequate travel insurance is not just about having cover for a lost camera or ca

  • Jargon Explained
    29 April, 2012

    Many people are baffled and befuddled by the terms and phrases employed by insurers the world over when requesting information or explaining their products. Sometimes this confusion can put some prospective customers off buying travel insurance, l

  • Expect the Unexpected
    10 December, 2011

    Travelling is such a popular pastime these days, seen by many as our best way to widen the divide between cultures, to broaden our minds (and that of our friends, at dinner parties everywhere!) and it is arguably one of the best ways to live a ful

  • Top 10 Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance
    13 July, 2011

    Ranging from a lost bag to an emergency medical evacuation, there are many reasons that could leave you needing the help of Easy Travel Insurance and QBE. Hopefully you will never need our help to return home unexpectedly or provide emergency cash

Money magazine award 2016 winners

Easy Travel Insurance are awarded coveted Money magazine Annual Multi Trip Best 2016 Travel Insurance

Get yours here... Annual Multi Trip


QBE is making it more affordable for customers to travel to New Zealand with comprehensive insurance! 

Rates for New Zealand have been reviewed and there are significant reductions in all age groups. Ski cover and kids are included free!

The new pricing is available right now, so if you are planning a trip to NZ get in touch to find out how you can save a bundle or get a quote here for International Comprehensive travel insurance you can rely on. Please read the PDS for further information.

Travel News

Money magazine winner

The question on eveyones' lips...Do I need to buy travel insurance as my credit card offers free cover?

Of course we are not in a position to answer this question for you because in the first instance we do not know your personal situation and in the second instance we do not know whether any credit card travel insurance you may have access to will meet your individu

Terms, conditions and acceptance criteria apply. Cover limits apply as set out in the policy wording. This material contains general information only and may not suit your particular circumstances. Before deciding to acquire any insurance product, you should obtain and consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement to decide if a policy is right for you. Insurance issued by QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd ABN 78 003 191 035 AFS Licence 239545. eReliance Pty Ltd trading as Easy Travel Insurance, ABN 48 147 939 277 is an Authorised Distributor 0012131 of QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited

*Qantas Frequent Flyer members can earn 1 Qantas Frequent Flyer point per $2 spent on eligible QBE Travel insurance products. (Terms and conditions apply)