Travel Insurance
Folder or Scruncher?

Packing bags for travel poses many questions. Not least what to take and what not to take? Certainly the one thing you leave at home will, without doubt, be the very thing you will end up needing t

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  • Watch Out

    Out there in the big bad world of travel there are a myriad of forces at work all trying to make your day go pear shaped, but there are also flocks of guardian angels looking out for your every ste

    August 11, 2018
  • You Did Not Know

    Do you know what your travel insurance covers you for?

    Chances are you know it covers medical care, cancellation of your trip, computers, smart phones and stolen cash and you probably know

    May 29, 2018
Travellers Testimonials
  • Senior Jet Setters

    While Christmas and New Year celebrations start a little later in the year for some of us, thoughts of travelling to Australia for a Christmas in the sun may already be foremost in the minds of rel

  • Passport Emergency

    Could your travel plans be thrown into turmoil with a passport emergency on an otherwise routine trip?

    Pamela is a bright, outgoing Chilean student, working and studying in Australia at the